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FUCK TALL BUILDINGS if there is one thing I hate it is TALL BUILDINGS AND THOSE STUPID FUCKING PLANE VAPOR TRAILS. You see you are a nice youung man and you have come to the city to tell them a thing or two about their stupid tall buildings that make it hard to see long distances which is a nice thing to do because it makes your eyes feel more nice BUT YOU CANT

HOWEVER, we have a problems: These city slickers drive so crazy in this "urban jungle" you country folk can't even understand how fast the car is turning around. So then....

Your car is spinning out of control.... Hit the Space to Hit the Gas! Running over pregnant women will increase your score, but Lord help you if you run over a puppy.

When the police come you must use the mouse to aim your rifle, and click to shoot before they shoot you. Every policeman you shoot multiplies your score by 1.2

This game is proudly brought to you by itch.io and the Australian Government.


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