You are the son of a son of a daughter of a son of a daughter of one of the PROTO DOGS, the AL KEBAB PROTO DOG to be precise.
One day you are going about your usual life of spending all week earning the money required to buy copious amounts of alcoholic beverages in the hope that they make your life more interesting, but as it turns out, their effect tends to amplify your existing sorrows, but anyway, today you realise that in your veins is the blood of a PROTO DOG, and there is only one thing stopping you from becoming king over all the islands and womens in the sea, and that is the fact that you don't yet have a boat!

when you are on land, lounge upon the arrow keys to move, press Z to shoot and whack X to enter your inventory, and when you are sttering a boat press X to go into the cabin, and battle and in order to win you must collect the most women using aany means possible,

This game is proudly brought to you by and the Australian Government.


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Can the Pirates actually be killed with the default weapon? Had fun exploring!

thankyou friend.
Technically yes, but it does take a while