Two good friends by the name of sproingo and derren together have travelled to the mystic Cavern of Spines, which to get to they have had to walk down a very long and hot road and there was a lot of dust, and the vehicles that drove by were blue cars with the tops off and who knows where the blue car wizards were going but luckily they were not going to the secret and mystic cavern of spines like our two heroes. but now they have made it.

However, now that they have found the savage power of spines from the cavern, each will stop at nothing to eradicate the other and become the beautiful Spine Flower from the legends.

This is a two player game in which you must collect spines on your body which you then hit your opponent with. One player fondles the arrow keys, and the other caresses WSAD.

This game is proudly brought to you by and the Australian Government.

AuthorDany Burton
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, flower, Multiplayer, Split Screen
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2