I'm pretty sure this game has some nail da grass tyson tier dumb atheist shit in it which I'm not very proud of but yeah

The league of scumbags are formated from John Fogle, Aini and the Purple Hat Man!!!

See such lovely sights as a weird pyramid, the stink cavern, and a lot of hippies thrown in!

In this game you must glomp the arrow keys to move, pounce on shift to do stuff and jump, caress ctrl to go to the menu or stand still, twirl c to do your main attack, and depress the d key to do your other attack.

This game is proudly brought to you by itch.io and the Australian Government.

AuthorDany Burton
GenreRole Playing, Shooter
Made withPhaser
TagsFantasy, snakes


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I ahve changed my mind, the athiest stuff is good because it shows the problem with the purple hat man's aspirations for world control or whatever